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Want To Know What Your Stars Say About You?

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Hetal Mistry

Met ms Priti Lodha,
A highly skilled and renowned female astrologer with a remarkable name in her field.

Her commitment to ethical and responsible astrology is evident in her integrity and dedication of her clients well being.

What sets Dr Priti apart is her ability to assess an individual astrological influences,
But also her talent for offering practical and effective solutions.

Very grateful to have her as a friend in rough path !!
Wd strongly recommend her as she is modern and gives solutions considering the changing times.
Thank u so much!
Hetal Mistry

Aditya Lunkar, Mumbai

I had consulted Ms. Preeti Lodha about my future life predictions, job prospects, marriage prospects, etc. She gave me very specific insight about my future star positions. Also, she could guide me on various issue which I was facing. I think she is a wonderful astrologer with a deep understanding of astrology and can give perfect opinions/advice about anything related to astrology.

Shveta Mathur

I have been in consulting with Preeti for almost 3 years .she spends time listening and advising u. I greatly appreciated the time she spent conversing with me. I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate the positive influence you’ve had on my life. Thank you for your concern and useful advice! I’ll be forever grateful. I would always recommend her for any astrological advice.👍

Heidi Mueller

“A birth chart is a way to understand both the strengths and weaknesses with which we are born and are therefore part of our essential being or incarnation. It prepares us to work harder on our innate weaknesses and play to our strengths. Preeti was able to show me that given these inclinations, the early events in my life created a major shift, a counterweight to my original inclinations. While this shift strengthened my success in the world, it weakened perceptions and choices in my personal life. Many years later when a catastrophic betrayal rocked me to the core, Preeti acknowledged after reading my chart that the road to recovery would be slow but that with patience and faith I would not only recover my losses but also make gains in my spiritual development. She was correct on all counts. A good astrologer can be one’s life coach because she knows your inherent strengths as well as inclinations and can be an excellent guide to navigate your life. I was very fortunate to have found Preeti Lodha!”

Suman Rai

Priti, we, my husband and I, never have taken the science of Astrology as being anything accurate or reliable until we decided t0 consult you on an issue that caused us grave concern. I find you almost clairvoyant and you give a direction that provides solace when most needed. the main thing is that you are firm on your own predictions and over the last 10 years or so -we, as a family, have relied on you completely. You are a knowledgeable, hard-working, and confident young lady, totally dedicated to your profession and I wish you all success in your endeavors and hope that many and many who consult you will find a direction and solace as you have provided to us. With you all the very best, Suman & Dr. Devinder Rai.

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