Effects of Planets in Retrogression

Effects of Planets in Retrogression

All the planets barring Rahu and Ketu have a direct motion i.e. they move in a clockwise motion. Rahu and Ketu always move in the retrograde motion. Sun and Moon are never retrograde.

The movement of the planets in anti-clockwise or opposite direction is known as retrograde movement or ‘Vakra’ in hindi. This retrograde movement is basically an illusion caused due to the position and motion of the earth. Whenever the Earth passes by a planet, it appears to move in a backward direction. This is known as the retrograde or the ‘Vakra’ motion of a planet.

A retrograde planet if not combust is considered to be strong, though it be in debilitation. A retrograde planet confers unusual results however disposed of it might be. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn attain ‘Chestabala’ (motional strength) when they become retrograde.

Mercury becomes retrograde three times a year. Mars and Venus go into retrogression once in two years. Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde once every year for a few months.  Mercury remains retrograde for 24 days and is stationary for a day before it goes into retrogression and after it becomes direct. Venus is retrograde for 42 days and is stationary for two days before and after. Mars is retrograde for 8 to 10 weeks. Jupiter is retrograde for 120 days and stationary for 3 to 4 days. Saturn is retrograde every year for 140 days and is stationary for 5 days before and after.

There are various opinions given by the peers of astrology about the effects of retrograde planets. According to SANKET NIDHI authored by RAMDAYALU, in retrogression Mars gives the results of the 3rd house from the house of its occupation, Mercury gives the results of 4th, Jupiter gives the results of 5th, Venus of the 7th, and Saturn of the 8th house from the place of its occupation.

In PHALADIPIKA, MANTRESHWAR opines that a planet in its sign of debilitation when retrograde delegates the results of a planet in exaltation and vice versa.

According to popular belief, a malefic planet when retrograde will give bad results, where a benefic planet in retrogression will give favorable results.

KALYAN VERMA in SARAVALI states that benefic planets when retrograde gain extreme strength and can confer Rajyoga but malefic when retrograde give adverse results and cause misery. If a planet is retrograde while in exaltation, it produces no effect, even if it is in exaltation by its entry in retrograde motion from the next sign.  MAHADEVA in his JATAKA TATWAM has also opined the same.

My personal take based on experience and deliberation on the same is that when studying the effects of retrograde planets all factors need to be taken into account viz. the ascendant, the lordship, combinations, and general aspects. Application of fixed formulas without deep study may result in gross miscalculation and errors in judgment of a horoscope.

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